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I offer individually tailored sessions. Please also do not hesitate to contact 250-862-0554 or [email protected] for your free half hour consultation.

All sessions are subject to a fee if bookings are not cancelled at least 24 hours before our session. 

What my clients are saying

I felt amazing after our session! My anxiety and fears towards life have disappeared!

BA, Kelowna, BC

More Testimonials

I was recommended to Andrea by a business colleague as I was having difficulty with sleep and a desire the start the year off right with more of a focus on my health and well-being. The session and accompanying recording which I listen to each evening has proven to solve my sleep issues and has given me a sense of confidence I carry into each day. I feel relaxed in situations that in the past would have me anxious; I have had business colleagues comment on my over-all calm demeanor and ask what I have "been taking..."

I would absolutely recommend Andrea to anyone looking to make a change in their over-all health and well-being- I am excited for the ongoing changes I am experiencing.

-Sandy McAllister, Kelowna, BC

Business Owner

I was recommended to Andrea through a family member as I was struggling with exam preparation linked to focusing and test anxiety. Being on a time constraint to accomplishing my goal of completing my private pilot license summer of 2017 for eligibility into the commercial aviation program in the fall, the pressure was immense. All thanks to Andrea, through only one session I was able to build my confidence and approach the exam questions with a clear and focused consciousness overcoming my stress and passing the exam with exceptional results.

The session concentrated on specific portions of the exam preparation that were mentally constraining and affecting my results outcome. Andrea focused on release techniques to help relax and calm my mind plus recommendations on how to improve my quality of sleep.

I would highly recommend Andrea’s hypnotherapy work to anyone who struggles with anxiety due to work, tests, or life in general.

- Parker Gray, Kelowna BC


I went to Andrea for two hypnotherapy sessions. The first one was fantastic – I came away feeling energized and more clear about my goals.

The second session was geared specifically at expanding my business. It was half-way through 2017 and I hadn’t achieved the 6 month goal that I had set for myself. I was starting to get a negative mind-set over my results and like many self-employed people, if my head is not in a positive and confident space, then my business suffers.

Andrea’s session targeted monthly income goals while implementing a more positive frame of mind. While I was a little doubtful that I could gain back that much lost ground, I was open and willing to see what could happen. The results spoke for themselves.

In the 4 months after that session, I more than doubled the amount of business I did in the first 6 months of the year. By October, I had achieved my income goal for the entire year. It’s now the beginning of January and I have more business in my pipeline already for this year than I did at the halfway point last year. HUGE results!

What Andrea did was to encourage my sub-conscious mind to remove the blocks that were holding me back from the success I wanted. I now believe firmly in this process – I would recommend her to anyone that is struggling to reach a goal, overcome an issue or who is just looking for a more joyful and fulfilled life.  

Karen Shale, Kelowna BC

Mortgage Broker

Learn More About Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a form of focused awareness that has been used for centuries. It is widely used today to work on a variety of issues (as noted below) and has also proven to be quite successful in clinical settings which you can read MY BLOG post about how hypnotherapy is used in medical and dental surgery for pain management.

How does hypnosis work anyway?

Our mind is made up of the conscious mind (5% of our brain) and subconscious mind (95%).

The conscious (critical) mind is where we logically process any new information and the subconscious mind is always running in the background where all beliefs, values, and emotions are stored. As a hypnotherapist, I work directly with the subconscious mind as this is where real change takes place. 

Once in hypnosis. the conscious critical mind has moved aside and therefore I am able to directly work with the subconscious mind where serious changes can be made.

Another way to think of it would be to compare our brain to a computer. All the experiences, thoughts, feelings, emotions, traumas and belief systems can be compared to programs that have been “downloaded” into the subconscious mind. These programs might be not wanted or outdated. We are reprogramming old, outdated beliefs and emotions (outdated computer programs) and updating those programs with newer, more beneficial programs.

Your brain is the computer and we work together to rewrite programs that are no longer working for you.

I work with you, as a guide and facilitator- not for you.

I aim to help my clients by also teaching them self-hypnosis, and then we can work together as I encourage them to explore further depths of their own minds to help with any healing, emotional release, or discovery that is needed for them to move forward and to meet their goals and objectives.

Various forms of therapy can be used depending on the client. I am skilled in the following:

• Suggestion therapy

• Regression therapy

• Past life regression therapy

• Personality parts therapy

• Cording therapy

Some common myths about hypnosis can be viewed here.

So how does hypnotherapy compare to other forms of therapy?

According to the American Health Magazine:

Psychoanalysis 38% recovery after 600 sessions

Behaviour Therapy 72% recovery after 22 sessions

Hypnotherapy 93% recovery after 6 sessions *some issues will take up to 12 sessions

Hypnotherapy can help with many common issues including:

-Weight Issues/Issues surrounding food


-Pain Management



-Sleep Issues/Insomnia

-Relationship Issues

- Emotional Issues

-Phobias and Fears

- Stress

-Life Purpose



- Public Speaking

- Performance

-Spiritual Unfoldment/Past Life

Why wait when you can start your change today!

For more information or to book your first appointment call Andrea at 250-862-0554 or email [email protected]