Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Andrea!

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach with a Quartsy Personality (Quirky-Artsy)

& YES I totally made up that word!

I have a multitude of passions including 

holistic mind and body health beauty, business and travel...just to name a few

Some other things about me….

I am a self-development junkie and spiritual gangster.

There are many struggles that I had to overcome and recognize as gifts.

I am authentically and unapologetically me.

I am totally OBSESSED with my dog.

My work is for those who aspire to be the best version of themselves and carry their messages into the world spreading the light of inspiration and positivity to others.

As the world shifts into a higher consciousness, many people are now awakening.

I am here to help you create a life with more meaning a purpose.

What you are feeling is NOT to be ignored. YOU hold so many powers within you and are a limitless being. 

I can show you how you can live in alignment with who you are, while living with much greater and more meaningful purpose in this lifetime.

My goal is to make this world a better and brighter place- starting with one client at a time. I assist those who are ready for change when they are ready to make lasting changes.

Make sure to check out my blog at www.yourbestbeing.com